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   Lucia Boffo is a singer, composer and improviser, native of the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, where she began her studies and professional activity in music. She continued her music training in Buenos Aires, did her first Bachelor in Jazz Singing at the EMPA (Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda). After that, she became a member of the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (School of Popular Music of Avellaneda). she was part of the teaching staff of the EMPA for 4 years, as a Jazz Singing teacher in the superior cycle. She is currently continuing her studies in Jazz Singing and Composition at the Jazz Institute Berlin (JIB), at the University of the Arts Berlin (UDK).

Since 2015 she coordinates vocal improvisation workshops in Argentina, Uruguay and nowadays she continues in different countries of Europe. She studied with musicians such as: Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Elisa Viladesau, Marina Rama, Joey Blake, Roxana Amed, Christine Correa, Diego Schissi, Judy Niemack, Guillermo Klein, Michael Mayo, Celine Rudolph, Tino Derado.

She has participated in Jazz Festivals throughout Argentina, as well as in Uruguay, the United States and Germany. Some of the Argentine projects he has been part of are: Dos Elefantes, MINGUNOS, HIP SISTA, Andrés Marino & Lucía Boffo, Juan Cruz De Urquiza TRIO + Lucia Boffo (Jazz), Plachta y la Cocina Magnética, Tomás Fares And the Sindicalistas, and Mujeres Improvisando. Boffo, Juan Cruz De Urquiza TRIO + Lucia Boffo (Jazz), Plachta y la Cocina Magnética, Tomás Fares And the Sindicalistas, y Mujeres Improvisando.

Since 2019, she has been living in Berlin, Germany and since then she has participated in the following projects: Armando Carrillos Zanuy Septett, NANALU Music, Ramiro Zayas Grupo, Humboldt Big Band, Andres Marino & Lucia Boffo, ZAHIR Trio, Boffo & Sinesi Duo. Boffo, ZAHIR Trio, Boffo & Sinesi Duo. 

She is currently presenting her first solo album titled NOMADE.

Hip Sista - INTI JAZZ DAY - Usina de Arte Buenos Aires 2017 (PH Juan Quelimpani)
Concierto Buenos Aires 2021
Tomas Fares - The Sindicalistas
lu y marian 2015 (PH Diego Ricard)
Plachta y la cocina magnética 2018
mujeres improvisando - Haroldo Conti 2019
Mujeres imporvisando en estudio 2019 (PH Agustina Pais)
Ph Noelia Abreu
Mingunos en Thelonious club 2018 (PH Diego Ricard)
Juan Cruz De Urquiza trio + Lucia Boffo - Santa Fe 2017
Mingunos en Bebop Club 2015 (PH Diego Ricard)
Mingunos en Encuentros Jazz a la Calle 2018
Mingunos + Juan Cruz De Urquiza - Thelonious 2016 (PH Diego Ricard)
Juan Cruz de Urquiza Trio + Lucia Boffo 2015
Juan Cruz de Urquiza + Lucia Boffo 2016 (PH Pato Kaplan)
Hip sista en Virasoro 2016 (PH Diego Ricard)
Hip Sista en Jazzologia 2018 (PH Diego Ricard)
Andres Marino _ Lucia Boffo Cafe Vinilo 2017
HIP SISTA - Virasoro 2016 (PH Diego Ricard)
Hip Sista - Thelonious club 2015 (PH Carolina Mama)
Festival internacional de Jazz Buenos Aires 2014
Concierto compartido junto a Melina Moguilevsky 2017( PH Dali Bercovich)
Grabacion Diente de Leon 2016 (PH Juan Quelimpani)
Artistry Big Band -Bebop Club 2017 (PH Diego Ricard)
andres y lu 2017 (PH Dali Bercovich)
Andres Marino - Lucia boffo - Martes Rueda 2017

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