“Lucia is a singer for many different atmospheres and places. One voice for different songs for different reproductions for different times of the day, seasons, life. “
Pamelie Music & Reviews (November 2021)

'I consider myself a nomad' · 2019

Meaning and belonging · 2015

"Lucia Boffo uses her voice as if it were an instrument called scat and sings in English as if she had never done anything else." Sergio Kiernan · 2021

"In Argentina, meanwhile, it is worth listening to Julia Moscardini, Julia Sanjurjo, Lucía Boffo, Luciana Morelli or Marina Quiroga, although the more extreme proposals of Barbara Togander or Victoria Zotalis are somewhat missed." Nicolás Pichersky · 2018

"The singular proposal of the group, formed by Marina Rama, Amparo Domian and Lucía Boffo, promises a respectful and singular walk through the rich universe of the Duke." Fernando Ríos · 2014

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