Since 2015, Lucia Boffo coordinates workshops and classes of vocal improvisation and vocal technique in Argentina, Uruguay and Germany. Winner of the National Fund for the Arts Scholarship, as a trainer in 2019. Ganadora de la Beca del Fondo Nacional de las Artes, como formadora en 2019.

Private meetings, can be either face-to-face or in online format, where we will focus our exploration on the development of a healthy singing voice, the search for identity, adding to the classes knowledge of basic, intermediate or advanced (depending on the person), music theory, repertoire, improvisation, composition. 

As well as basic knowledge of music production.

The main goal of these meetings is to bring to those interested, through collective singing, the different sound possibilities that this versatile instrument possesses. We will explore through the spontaneous vocal ensemble format, using clear guidelines as a starting point to achieve different sound sensations in each situation, which in turn can interact both in an ensemble and in a soloist.

In this workshop we will address concepts related to vocal technique and vocal health through the exploration of the Functional Voice Method (Rabine Method). This seminar is aimed at professional singers, amateurs, musicians, actors and teachers who are interested in exploring vocal health. 

As well as basic knowledge of music production.

We hope this workshop seeks to explore our creative facet from the implementation of certain compositional tools, using the voice and vocal improvisation as a research instrument. Each class will have different exercises for you to create during the week. The compositions will be the common thread of these meetings.

The idea of this workshop is to assimilate from active listening and practice, certain stylistic tools within the voice instrument. To enrich and deepen with each singer from the own-perception and exploration, in search of an own identity, using improvisation as a starting point in this search. We will approach these meetings from four axes: Rhythm - Melody - Harmony/Form - Timbre.

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